On the trails of medival tombstones

As part of the HERCUL project (implemented by DUNEA) it was made touristic promotional video that, over and above the tombstones, shows and other tourist attractions in the vicinity of their location. Attractive aerial shots with beautiful scenes of Konavle, through Dubrovačko primorje and Neretva, to the partner countries in the project, ideally complements the music, the author Žarko Dragojević. Film is made by the team Toni Banović, Matko Saltarić and Mišo Sorić.

Wine Story

Story about wine is a story about land, tradition, people and way of life. As part od WINE project (implemented by DUNEA) it was made touristic promotional video about wine. To work on the promotion of wine tourism and wine tourism network was the main goal of the project WiNe. Grape and wine production has great economical, social and strategic importance in Dubrovnik-Neretva Region, like it did throughout the history, since Republic of Dubrovnik.

Beauty of Korcula in 4 minutes

From Marco Polo, over to the natural beauties and all the way to food, wine, olives and olive oil - a video that shows the island of Korcula, made in the EU project Well Olive¨



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Rural Dubrovnik-Neretva

Rural area of Dubrovnik Neretva Region is marveolus combination of sea, rivers, lakes, untouched nature, but also of those resources that nature, in cooperation with the man, generously offered.

Adriatic Route

ADRIATIC-ROUTE FOR THEMATIC TOURISM project is based on promoting alternative forms of tourism in the Adriatic area by use of ICT (information and communication technologies)