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Meet the eco-products of the family farm Ostojic whose guarantor of quality are long-standing family tradition, controlled production and technical knowledge. They are specialized for the production of dried figs. They also offer fig jam, fig sauce, and energy bars based on figs. Figs are grown on their own farm, and they have complete technology for production. In addition to tasting products it is possible to organize visits of the production, harvesting and processing of figs
Skakala 16, Peračko Blato, 20340 Ploče
00 385 98 1963478

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Branitelja Dubrovnika  41,
HR-20000 Dubrovnik

Rural Dubrovnik-Neretva

Rural area of Dubrovnik Neretva Region is marveolus combination of sea, rivers, lakes, untouched nature, but also of those resources that nature, in cooperation with the man, generously offered.

Adriatic Route

ADRIATIC-ROUTE FOR THEMATIC TOURISM project is based on promoting alternative forms of tourism in the Adriatic area by use of ICT (information and communication technologies)